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What I still think about T and NIL

Sorry about the fragment I just sent to you all.  I tried to stop it, but
COMSAT is quicker than I am.

I must have started to send a message about this T/NIL issue at least 5 times
now, but each time I stop myself because I cannot imagine that it will change
anybody's mind about anything.  (You might not have even gotten this one if I
hadn't accidentally sent a piece of it.)  But since you ask, I still feel that
the idea of changing the usage of T and NIL is a total waste of everybody's
time.  The current discussion seems unlikely to resolve anything and finding it
in my mailbox every day is just rubbing me in the wrong direction.  I don't see
where the morality and cleanliness of () even comes close to justifying its
incompatibility, and I seem to remember that Common Lisp was supposed to be
more about compatibility than morality.