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Received: from CMU-CS-PT by CMU-CS-A; 19 Dec 83 22:12:40 EST
Received: from MIT-MC by CMU-CS-PT; 19 Dec 83 21:58:53 EST
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 1983 02:11:00 -0000
From: Alan Bawden <ALAN @ MIT-MC>
Subject:  must be wrong

	    (DEFUN FOO (A)
	      (LET ((A A))

    the reference to A within the initialization of the LET is indeed subject
    to the SPECIAL declaration and therefore does not refer to the parameter
    named A.

This sounds like nonsense to me.  If the theory of Common Lisp special
declarations really works out this way, then it is broken.  There is no
reason for declarations found in the body of LET or DO to effect any aspect
of the initial-value forms.
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