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    Date:     Thu, 8 Dec 83 15:52 EST
    From: Dan Pierson <pierson%digital@CSNet-Relay>

    What should Copy-Seq of a vector with fill-pointer return?  The following
    are some options:

	    Return a vector with fill-pointer and copy the elements up to the
	    fill pointer.

	    Return a vector with fill-pointer and copy all the elements.

	    Return a vector without fill pointer with the length set by the
	    fill pointer.

Your third possibility is the way I read the documentation (Excelsior edition),
since COPY-SEQ is equivalent to SUBSEQ and copies sequences, not general objects
with all their arbitrary attributes.

We will leave aside the fact that under COPY-SEQ it says EQUAL where it means EQUALP
and that the manual is silent on interaction between EQUAL/EQUALP and FILL-POINTER;
page 63 implies that EQUAL ignores the FILL-POINTER, which is probably wrong,
while page 234 implies that EQUAL respects the FILL-POINTER.