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Re: No No! Flush it!!

One of the reasons that I am suspicious about Common Lisp's design is
that I can never be sure when people are serious and when they are
spoofing me.  I would like to think that the idea of turning PUSH
into (SETF (POP was a joke.  But there is enough doubt that I am going
to answer it as if it were serious.

I think of SETF as being used to put values into "fields" of data
structures.  I am prepared to think of (CAR X) as being a field, and
I can even imagine (GET X Y) as one, though I think that is pushing
it.  (Certainly our Common Lisp will have PUTPROP.)  But PUSH 
simply pushes me beyond my ability to think in those terms.  Among
other things, it has sideeffects.  And (SETF (POP suggests the
wrong sideeffects, unless you think hard.

Please tell me you weren't serious.