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    Date: Tuesday, 27 September 1983, 19:50-EDT
    From: David A. Moon <Moon%SCRC-TENEX@MIT-MC>
    In-reply-to: The message of 27 Sep 83 18:51-EDT from JonL.pa at PARC-MAXC

    The syntax (you mean semantics?) of THROW is not the same as of functions,
    since it sees all the values resulting from evaluating its second subform.
    I vote for the subforms both being evaluated before the search for a matching
    tag commences, since it seems simpler for both user-understanding and
    implementation ease.
    . . .

In my implementation of multiple values, it may be beneficial for me to
do the search first in order to find the eventual destination of the values.
I'm haven't gotten into this stuff enough to know whether i actually would
want to do it this way even if given the liberty, however.