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Re: implied contracts in the mapping functions?

    Date: 19 Sep 83 16:07:49 EDT
    From: Charles Hedrick <HEDRICK@RUTGERS.ARPA>
    It is dangerous to have a feature that obviously ought to be in a
    language not be there, or be there in only half the implementations.  No
    matter what you say in the manual, people will use it where it works.

I strongly disagree.  It is completely unavoidable that some people will
depend on the peculiarities of any implementation.  It does not follow
that every peculiarity should be a defined part of Common Lisp that
every implementation must follow.  If we are to belive what you are
saying, then EVERY place in the manual that says "it is an error" should
be changed to either say "it signals an error" or else be precisely