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Irrational GCD

    Date: Wednesday, 19 December 1984, 23:45-EST
    From: David C. Plummer in disguise <DCP at SCRC-QUABBIN>
	[(GCD 1\4 1\3) errs.]
    . . .

	BTW, the correct answer is 1\12.

    Not as far as ZL is concerned.  Nor CL for that matter.

Ouch!  They must have been jet-lagged at those CL meetings.  As
Schroeppel pointed out several millenia back,

(GCD A\B C\D) = (GCD A C)/(LCM B D),

assuming args are in lowest terms.  MACSYMA has long known this.

But the absoLULU is further down page 202 of the CL book:

"Mathematically, (lcm) should return infinity."  This is so wildly
absurd that I can't even guess the fallacy that led to it.  It should
simply be 1.