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Re your message of 6-May-85 11:43 EDT

About a year and a half ago, I wrote such a internal utility for Interlisp-D.
Then I discovered that Ron Kaplan had also written a similar utility
a year or two prior.  The unfortunate thing is that neither of us 
managed to get our "utilty" promoted to user-level status, and docmented
for all to use and not re-invent.

Isn't it about time for somebody in the Common Lisp community to implement
it, and put it into (at least) the yellow pages?

Once that is done, then the only argument against macro-expansions
producing DECLAREs and docmentation-strings is the potential for
confusion with side-effect-producing macros.  I'm in favor of ignoreing
this problem (worrying about multiple side-effects from macro expansions)
but some others are more concerned.

-- JonL --