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Any complete CL implementations??

    Date:  5 Apr 1985 1224-PST
    From: Rem@IMSSS

    At this time, has anybody completely 100% implemented Common LISP
    on any machine at all? ....

I guess no one at Symbolics has answered this.  Our implementation of
Common Lisp, included in Release 6.0 of our 3600 software, is intended to
be complete and correct.  I'm sure there are still bugs that have not yet
been found and fixed.  In addition, there is a brief list of known deviations
from the standard, which can be found in volume 2 of the Release 6 documentation
set.  The functions and features that are not implemented, according
to that list, are integers as GO tags, certain declarations, row-major-order
and ~E and ~G in FORMAT.  The other deviations are minor: for details, find
a 3600 installation and ask to look at their Release 6 documentation.