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Re: Any complete CL implementations??

It is very hard to evaluation how much is finished, as there is no
evaluation suite.  We have an implementation for TOPS-20, based on
the CMU Spice Lisp implementation.  Here are the known bugs and
omissions, but it is certainly possible that there are things we
don't know about.  This prefixed by * will be fixed fairly soon.

*Supposedly the same args can be used for &rest and &key.  This fails
(in interpreted code only; the compiler can handle this).

Complex numbers are not implemented.

When doing file-position, and maybe clrbfo and clrbfi, maybe
we should clear lookahead and other status.

Fix GRINDEF of macros to reproduce the DEFMACRO format, 
instead of using the undocumented MACRO format.

Fix ` to produce a macro instead of expanding at read time.
That way GRINDEF can print them properly.

It should be possible to continue after a break initiated by ^B.

Printing of circular objects is not implemented.

INSPECT is not really implemented.

RANDOM don't seem very hot: There seems to be too many repeated values.
Maybe this is word-size dependent or something.

Use | | instead of slashification in printing atom names.

Missing :copier option for defstruct

Missing &environment option for defmacro

In Arith, function that could benefit from handcoding:
  dramatic benefit: floor, ceiling, round, mod, logcount
  some benefit: rem, ffloor, fceiling, ftruncate, fround

RATIONALIZE is currently the same as RATIONAL.

Compiler can't handle closures.  Programs will work, but functions
requiring closures will be interpreted.


*READ barfs when CL:CLISP is typed in.

*TRUNCATE doesn't return correct remainders for some values.  Eg, -0.7
and -0.3.