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Clearly non-controversial

    Date: Wed, 06 Feb 85 12:52:15 EST
    From: brown@DEC-HUDSON

     DELETE-SETF-METHOD access-fn				[function]
      Removes the update form associated with the symbol access-fn.
      The access function can no longer be used as generalized
Either FMAKUNBOUND should call this, or maybe it should just
be a part of FMAKUNBOUND.

     HASH-TABLE-REHASH-SIZE  hash-table			[function]
     HASH-TABLE-REHASH-TRESHOLD  hash-table			[function]
Should these two be SETFable?

     HASH-TABLE-SIZE  hash-table				[function]
     HASH-TABLE-TEST  hash-table				[function]
      These functions return the values that were specified when
      the hash-table was created.
    (This list used to contain TERMINALP which returned T if its
     argument (string, pathname, etc.) was an "interactive terminal".
     I think this function would be useful, but decided I was unable
     to define what a terminal is, so removed it.)

How about "a terminal is something that has a keyboard attached,
with a good chance of having a user attached to the keyboard, and
able to send characters back on any stream"?  I'd suggest just
defining it to work on streams.

    -Gary Brown