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Default attributes of copy due to SUBSEQ

> Date: Tuesday, 19 March 1985  13:39-EST
> From: Nick Gall <Gall at MIT-MULTICS.ARPA> (via Fahlman)
> Posted-Date: 19 Mar 85 13:41 EST
> !section  14.1(2)   Nick Gall 85-03-19
> !version  Digital Press 1984
> !topic    Copying arrays
> Although functions such as SUBSEQ state that the copy made of an
> array is of the same type, they say nothing of the two other array
> attributes, fill pointer and adjustable.
> The question is, "Should copied arrays share these attributes
> with their originals, or should they be simple?"
> The answer should be stated in the standard.

I agree completely so far. I would think it would copy those other
attributes, rather than clobber them to SIMPLE when making the copy,
but on the other hand, I'm not really sure.
But clearly the manual should say, and probably an extra argument
should be available to override the default.