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Yellow pages

I have copied our local Spice Lisp program library to macine
CMU-CS-C.ARPA, from which it should be easily accessible by FTP.  The
directory is PRVA:<SLISP.LIBRARY>, and the file CATALOG.TXT describes
the various programs in the library in a format that should be farily
easy for future "librarian" programs to use.  The master copy is still
on CMU-CS-SPICE, but we'll try to keep the two directories in sync.  RPG
may also move a copy to SU-AI.

This is just a beginning, of course.  Some of the programs in this
library are in somewhat ragged shape, and most of them are dependent on
the Spice/Accent enviornment in some way.  We hope to add some
additional stuff to this library as the summer progresses, including
OPS5 and Flavors.  We will also be putting some effort into polishing
these things up and separating the truly portable things from the
non-portable ones.

For now at least, we reserve the right to change or improve these files
in incompatible ways any time we want to.  If you want a stable copy of
something, grab your own copy.

If anyone else has contributions for this library, please let me know.
If you take one of these modules and significantly improve it, please
notify both the maintainer listed in the catalog file and me, and we'll
try to fold your improvements into the library version in a coherent
way.  For now, we will only put things into the library that are public
domain or for which we have been granted permission to redistribute the
work without restriction.

No, we are not prepared to mail anyone a tape of this stuff.  It is
changing too fast for that to be a worthwhile pursuit.

-- Scott