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What #+rmhackery a good idea #-rmhackery utter nonsense

The #+rmhackery feature #-rmhackery lossage of "#+" and "#-" is one of
the more dubious in GSSB. Expanding it with #+(good-ideap ':rmhackery)
the obvious extension #-(good-ideap ':rmhackery) the awful extension of
allowing arbitrary expressions in the feature-forms removes any hope of
being able to do anything with a file of code than #+(good-ideap
':rmhackery) allows the natural extension to more complex situations
#-(good-ideap ':rmhackery) load it.

What happened to the natural constructs


One could even imagine (whoa) a compiler that would expand
(SOFTWARE-TYPE) into a constant, and evaluate STRING= at compile time if
the args were constant (!)

Of course, there's always