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Re: declaration pervasiveness.

    From: David C. Plummer in disguise <DCP@SCRC-QUABBIN.ARPA>
    Subject: declaration pervasiveness.

    If you follow the language defined in the book, you will find that your
    function is illegal.  Declarations are not permitted after FLET, LABELS,
    or MACROLET.  A lot of the language in the book seems to assume that
    these forms don't exist.

?? In my copy of the book (the one from digital press) all of FLET,
LABELS and MACROLET are included in a list at the top of page 154
which claim to be the forms in which declarations can appear at the
beginning of a body. However page 113 does seem to disagree with
this--there the only declarations are in the definition parts of the
functional `variables'.

    Once you admit their existance, it is clear (to me at least) that
    several things follow.  First, FTYPE and [NOT]INLINE declarations should
    be able to follow them and second, that these declarations should not be

That sounds reasonable to me too. But that's not what page 155
currently says.