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Public relations: second time around

This is a retransmission of an earlier note requesting information on
Common Lisp implementations.  So far I have gotten NO replies.  Am I to
assume that no one wants to be mentioned when I talk in Japan?

I could make up a list without any help, but it would probably have
holes and stale information in it.  I really do want to use accurate
information, but I need this information by Thursday, September 26, to
be useful.  Please help me out.

I am seeking summary data about existing Common Lisp implementations.

I am planning to travel to Japan in October and give seminars there
about Common Lisp.  (This is in connection with the recent publication
of the Japanese translation by Dr. Masayuki Ida of the Common Lisp
manual.)  While most of the content will be technical, I will surely be
asked about existing implementations, particularly those in the United
States.  I would like to be accurate and complete, and so I need your

If you are supporting an implementation of Common Lisp (or a subset),
could you please send me the following information about it?

(1) Name of implementation
(2) Name of support organization (implementor, vendor, or whatever)
(3) Hardware configuration(s) and operating system(s)
(4) Available now?  If not, when?
(5) Full Common Lisp or subset?
(6) If a subset, what's missing?  Will missing parts be implemented later?
(7) (optional) Address of support organization or other contact
(8) (optional) Any interesting language extensions or
	   applications packages you want mentioned?

This won't be a sales presentation, and I won't recommend any
implementation over any other, so I'm not interested in prices.
(Actually, I am, but if you send me price information I won't use it in
these seminars.)  I intend simply to present a list, both on overhead
transparencies during my talk and in hardcopy form.  I think it would
give Common Lisp a boost to have a nice long list of implementors to
show off.

I have also requested my contacts in Japan to prepare a similar list of
Japanese implementations, and I will report any information received to
this mailing list.

Thank you for your help.