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Erratum on p.107Subject:

    Date: Thursday, 19 Sep 85 10:09:07 PDT
    From: S Sridhar <sridhar%tekchips%tektronix.csnet@CSNET-RELAY.ARPA>

    On p.107 at the bottom of the page where the setq's and apply's occur:

     Replace respectively:
      (setq f '+) ... and
      (apply 'cons ...)

       (setq f #'+) ... and
       (apply #'cons ...)

    This will improve consistency of syntax for function symbols.


Thank you for your comment.  The examples are indeed inconsistent as to
style, but all are legitimate.  The cases without #' were intended to
demonstrate that it is legitimate to give a symbol to APPLY, and it will
implicitly "dereference" the symbol by looking at its global functional
value.  Some remarks to this effect shou;ld be added in the prose to
elucidate this.  Depending on one's purpose, one may wish to use ' or #'.