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RE: Clearing the screen and other such things.

Its pretty clear that the CL-Windows group became disheartened when it
was reported that ANSI was working on a standard.  This may not be the
case.  One can hope it was actually a mass defection to the ANSI group,
but I doubt that.

Perhaps now that the subjec thas been warmed up to, and since not much
seems to have solved the problem in the interim, perhaps we can get
someone to describe what the state of the various "standards committees"

There were two mentioned just before the CL-Windows group closed its
shutters, one was a band of rowdy manufacturers (including Microsoft,
DRI, Intel, Apollo, Masscomp, Sun Micro Sys, Olivetti, Motorola, Nova
Graphics) the other of couse ANSI.

Can anyone comment immediately on the state of these committees to the
CL-windows@SU-AI.arpa mailing list?