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defvar, defparameter, :unbound

    Date: Sat, 2 Nov 85 23:55:45 EST
    From: Nick Papadakis <isrlist at tove.umd.edu>
    To:   common-lisp at su-ai.ARPA
    Re:   defvar, defparameter, :unbound

    On the lispmachines, defvar will take a second argument of :unbound,
    meaning that the variable will be initialized to an unbound state.

    This occaisionally convenient feature should probably be added to
    common-lisp, and defparameter should be extended to handle it as well.

I disagree.  (defvar foo :unbound), to me, reads "set the value of the
symbol 'foo' to the symbol 'unbound' in the keyword package.  I think
(defvar foo) is more readable.

	-- Richard