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Re: Tentative Schedule for the Common Lisp Meeting

|Date: 26 Oct 85  1315 PST
|From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@arpa.su-ai>
|Subject: Tentative Schedule for the Common Lisp Meeting   
|I have tentatively booked the Hotel Sonesta in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
|for December 16, 17, and 18 for the meeting (not for accommodations). 
|Are these dates acceptable? I must have a firm answer by monday.
|				-rpg-
I know this is after monday, but I'm going to send it anyway.  For flying
transatlantic, the 16-18 have the advantage of being over a month away
so that it's possible to buy a reasonable ticket.  But they are almost
certainly into the busy (and expensive) season.  (Last year fares went up
the 13th and then down again around the 27th.)  Still, this way I need
stay only a week to be home for Christmas.

The dates are acceptable, though.

Jeff Dalton
AIAI, University of Edinburgh