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Common Lisp Meeting

Here is a summary of the responses I got to the suggestion of a
Common Lisp meeting and some suggestions I have on its organization:

1. The meeting will be held either at MIT or at a local convention
center in the Boston Area.

2. The meeting will last 2 days.

3. The dates are, Thursday and Friday, Decemeber 5 and 6.

4. The schedule of events will be:

Thurs	8:30am  Welcome, registration, and coffee
	9:00am  Charter Discussion
	Noon	Lunch (brought in)
		[Informal discussion and lobbying]
	1:00pm	Charter Discussion

Fri	8:30am 	Coffee
	9:00am	Parallel discussions on:
		Object-oriented programming
	Noon	Lunch (brought in)
	1:00pm 	Parallel Discussion
	5:00pm  Hit the Road

During the Charter discussion, the following topics will be discussed:

	Inclusion of the recent minor changes and errata to the 
	Common Lisp specification

	Methods for updating the book (second edition)

	Publishing problems - some vendors wish to have a language manual
	for their Common Lisp and desire to publish it themselves.

	Making decisions during the parallel sessions on Friday

	Administrative format of validation

                *   *   *

    Suggested Administrative Format of the Charter Discussion

[Please note: these are my suggestions and do not represent an edict.]

At the start of each session, including the Charter session, the chairman
of the committee will review the state of the discussion under his

Each organization - company or university - doing an implementation of Common
Lisp may send 2 representatives who can comment and vote during the
Charter discussion. Each organization representing a significant user
community may send 1 individual who can comment and vote during the
Charter discussion. Interested individuals of standing in the Lisp
community may also attend and vote; however, some votes may be taken
in which implementors only may vote.

In addition, each organization doing an implementation may send 2 people
to each of the parallel discussions, but only 1 of those may vote.  Each
organization representing a significant user community may send 1 person
to each of the parallel discussions. Individuals may attend the parallel
discussions, but they might be restricted from voting in some cases as
in the Charter Discussion.

Each discussion will be run approximately according to Robert's Rules of
Order to keep things under control. I assume only Guy Steele knows these
rules, so perhaps he should help run the Charter discussion so that the
other chairmen will learn how to do it. I know this sounds silly, but
remember the madhouse at Monterey.

I would like to get a list of the proposed attendees for planning
purposes.  I would also like to solicit one of our friends for the Boston
Area to arrange for the meeting rooms. Once I have a count of attendees, I
will pass the information on to that person.

I propose that the meeting rooms, morning coffee, and the lunches be
paid for by DARPA.