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Excuse me if this has already been cleared up, but
	(get-setf-method (macroexpand form env))
just won't cut it.  Consider this example:

	(defmacro raster-aref (raster-array x y)
	  `(aref ,raster-array ,y ,x))
	(defsetf raster-aref ...)

	(raster-aref array (foo) (bar))
expands into (in our system, at least)
	(let ((.gensym-for-raster-array. array)
	      (.gensym-for-bar. (bar)))
	  (aref .gensym-for-raster-array. .gensym-for-bar. (foo)))
Since when does LET have a DEFSETF method?

I agree with whoever said the environment should be a required argument.