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Special Form Question

    Date: Thu, 12 Dec 85 19:36:38 MST
    From: shebs%utah-orion@utah-cs.arpa (Stanley Shebs)

    This may seem like an exceptionally stupid question, but what should
    the following do?

      (setf (symbol-function 'foo) (symbol-function 'quote))
      (foo (a b c))

It certainly should not be required to make foo act like quote.  But
exactly how to rule it out is not completely clear.  symbol-function is
sort of useful as a tool to examine your environment, so having it
signal an error might not be appropriate.  Perhaps the function that the
setf turns into should be responsible for not storing special forms?  Or
maybe this is too implementation dependant, and we should just say "it
is an error" to store such a thing?