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DEFSTRUCT and predicates

    Date: Tuesday, 26 November 1985  17:20-EST
    From: NGALL at BBNG.ARPA

    The only complexity in the CL "-P" heuristic is dealing with qualified
    predicates such as string-(lessp).  Since defstruct created predicates
    will ALWAYS be suffixing data-type names (NEVER existing predicate
    names), defstruct can safely use the simple hyphenation heuristic,
    i.e., if the data-type name is hyphenated, add "-P", otherwise add
    "P".  Can anyone think of counter-examples?

How about:

(defstruct person

(defstruct (space-person (:include person))

Space-Person-P (or Space-Personp) is what you call a "qualified predicate."

    I think defstruct SHOULD obey the CL convention.  At the very least,
    it should be documented that it is BREAKING the convention.

Yes, such a note in the manual would be worthwhile.