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Minor Typo = Major Faux Pas!

    Date: 23 Nov 85  1628 PST
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SU-AI.ARPA>

    Dan mentioned that an existential quantifier was mistyped at some
    place where a 3 was meant. He meant to say the an existential
    quantifier was mistyped *every* place a 3 was meant. I think the
    spot to which he refers is a place where the TTY font for `3'
    belongs, and that representation of `3' looks exactly like an
    existential sign. This is because that is the best font Digital
    Press could come up with.

Similarly, on page 49, third line, you will see a terminal cursor
between "(integer " and " 2 -1)", and again on the next line.

That threw me during proofreading!