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Compiler side effects lossage

    From: Steve Bacher (CSDL)
    To: Robert Elton Maas
    Subject: Compiler side effects lossage

    The user will simply have to wrap an (eval-when (compile ...))
    around the ancillary DEFstuff - and this implies that the way the
    compiler treats DEFUN, DEFMACRO, etc. *cannot* be desribed as a case
    of an implicit (eval-when (compile)).  Which means that I must take
    issue with the earlier statement of Rob MacLachlan's that there's no
    way to override the implicit eval-whenitude of DEFUN et al.

Actually this is exactly my point.  I was arguing that such forms
should not be considered to have an implicit (eval-when (compile)); if
they really did there would be no way to inhibit the compile-time
evaluation.  This is more a statement about the language which should
be used in the definition than it is about the semantics of Common Lisp.