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Spelling correction

I agree that a set of simple spelling error detection/correction
facilities would make a useful addition to the Yellow pages.  If people
eventually decide that these things are universally used, we could move
them into the standard language at that time.

We already have such a package built into Hemlock, though I'm not sure
how easy it would be to extract it.  

I have a hunch that a list of legal words is not the best possible
interface to this thing.  You want to have a spelling dictionary object
type that can be built from a set of words, and that can be modified
later.  Probably once this reaches a certain size you want this object
to be a hash-table or balanced binary tree or something like that, and
not a simple list.  The spell checking and correcting functions would
operate on one of these objects, and not on the raw word-list.

-- Scott