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Re: Spelling correction

Thank you. I have been waiting until the first burst of comments subsided
before coming back. Yes. what I really had in mind were the equivalent
of FIXSPELL and MISSPELLED? (see interlisp manual, in the 1978 edition
it's page 17.18, for a specification of those functions. I'll type in
the specs if asked to do so.)

And I am not a LISP developer, but I am a user. I use LISP to write
expert systems and believe that Common Lisp should be a helpful tool
for the researchers in the different areas of AI. Thus many of the
comments about DWIM and code development issues were somewhat off.

I believe that FIXSPELL and MISSPELLED? functions have a wide range of
utility and deserve to be included in C-L. Think of them as being
smart equivalent of the MEMBER function.