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Re: questions about packages

    Date: Thu 9 Jan 86 20:08:03-MST
    To: common-lisp@SU-AI.ARPA
    Subject: questions about packages
    Message-ID: <12174001594.14.LOOSEMORE@UTAH-20.ARPA>
    1.  Can a package use itself?  Or is this "an error"?
Yes. A package can use itself (though an error may be signalled due to name
    2.  Does the :use argument to in-package default to the list of the
	lisp package in the same way that it does for make-package?  In
	other words, if you do (in-package 'foo) and package foo does not
	yet exist, does it default to using the lisp package?  What if
	package foo does exist but doesn't already use the lisp package?
Hmmm...Good Question. "This function is similar to MAKE-PACKAGE" should be
made more explicit.  I think the intent here is that if :USE was
actually an argument to IN-PACKAGE it is merely passed on to the call
to MAKE-PACKAGE (in the case of FOO not existing); if it wasn't an
actual arg. to IN-PACKAGE, MAKE-PACKAGE is called with no :USE arg.
(and hence :USE defaults to '(LISP)).  In the case where FOO existed,
if :USE is not an actual arg. to IN-PACKAGE, :USE defaults to '().

	-- Nick