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RE: Symbols as pathnames

    Date: 12/26/85 14:47
    From: "BACH::NELSON" <nelson%bach.decnet@hudson.dec.com>

    By choosing one from the list of pathname, filename, etc. to refer
    to pathnames, streams, and strings, did you mean that an argument
    called pathname could be any of those three types?  If you meant
    that the word pathname actually means "pathname, symbol or string"
    when used in the text of the book, that seems confusing; while a statement
    that an argument called "pathname" could be a pathname, string, or
    stream seems helpful.

I meant the latter; sorry to be ambiguous.

    If, by the way, the approach is to enumerate
    those three types under each function in chapter 23, it would probably
    be a god idea to do so for the pathname argument to require, as well.

Thanks, I missed that one.  Consider it added to my proposal.