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Re: a miscellany of your comments

Re Fixing of names now:
I certainly hope that Fahlman&Co can proceed without another meeting.
Even after initial stabilization, there will  likely be need for regular meetings
(say, after each Lisp Conference?)

Re case sensitivity:
As long as we agree in principle that the READer be user-tailorable for
case sensitivity, then it may not be necessary to specify just how such change
is effected;  I'd prefer the MacLisp way wherein each character can be
individually "translated", but that generality is seldom used.   On the other
hand, it would seem preferable to have the switch for case-sensitivity in
the ReadTable rather than somewhere else.  InterLisp puts it in the "terminal
table", so that conversion takes place as it were within the input stream
for the connected terminal;  the two lossages with this treatement are that
  1) translation takes place for non-READ operations too [such as INCH], 
  2) no translation takes place for READing from files.

Re InterLisp status on case sensivity:
You may be under a misconception in the comment about InterLisp:
    "Doing this would let you write code as in
         (SETQ MultiWordVarName NIL)
     as many Interlisp users do all the time (though possible in Maclisp, 
     it never caught on). "
InterLisp does not standardize to uppercase as MacLisp does, so the name
MultiWordVarName remains mixed-case.  As it happens, some of the
CMU MacLisp users have been using mixed-case names in their files
for some time (but of course they are upper-cased upon read-in).