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						... Can the Scheme
    hackers out there explain to us which uses of dynamic closure are
    subsumed under lexical closure and which uses really need the dynamic

I've been using Scheme-style closures heavily for a couple of years now and
can attest to their wonderfulness.  I am tempted to say that they are
sufficient to handle the applications to which Lisp Machine-style
closures are put, but I say this from a position of weakness since I've
never actually used the other kind of closure.  I suspect that it is the
case that there's no hacker out there who has extensive experience with
both beasts; such a person would be the one to consult.  All I can say
is that I've never felt the need to close over special variables.  Name
the application - I believe Scheme closures work as well if not better
than other kinds.

As many of you know, I'm quite biased on this matter.  But as
implementor and user I strongly advise against the inclusion of Lisp
Machine-style closures in the language.

				Jonathan Rees
				Scheme Hacker