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Re: eval'd macros

    Date: Mon 3 Feb 86 16:24:29-PST
    From: WEEKS <WEEKS%hp-thor@arpa.hplabs>
    Subject: eval'd macros
    The following results occur on my workstation:
    (defun fn () (mac))            ;==> FN
    (defmacro mac () `'foo)        ;==> MAC
    (fn)                           ;==> ***Error***
    It seems clear from CLtL, pg.143, second paragraph that (fn) should have
    evaluated to FOO.  [The reference to "local definitions" indicates that
    the reference to "eval" really refers to evaluation in general.]  Is the
    above ***Error*** indeed wrong?

Sounds like your workstation is wrong.  I've also tried it in 3 different
implementations of Common Lisp, and they all say FOO.