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Package for exactly CLtL and nothing else

    From: Rem@IMSSS
    Subject: Package for exactly CLtL and nothing else

    ... , it would be possible for
    one implementation to provide several different years of standard at the
    same time, and portable code could use exactly the package it was written for
    without incompatible changes from year to year goofing it up, and there'd
    be a graceful period of overlap instead of a flag day when a given vendor's
    implementation switches years (or two incompatible LISP environments where
    the poor user can't mix usage of the two). 

Wait a minute.  Are you suggesting that lisps should be required to
have a whole bunch of almost identical implementations, each loaded
up in a different package.  Since most of the language probably
will remain fairly constant this is a fairly large waste of space.
(or a large effort for the implementor to figure out how to share
common function, etc.)
Since we are hoping for a standard I don't think that the language
will change all that much so that the code really needs to use
a completely different lisp system.  I vote for having one
standard package.