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misc questions

    Date: Wed, 5 Mar 86 03:46 EST
    From: Christopher Fry <cfry@OZ.AI.MIT.EDU>

    What does WITH-OPEN-FILE return?
    I can't find it in CLtL.
    I'd prefer that it return the value of the last form in its body.
Funny it doesn't say.  The 'obvious' way tocode it produces the expected
result: it returns the valueS of the last form of the implicit progn.

    When SYMBOL-FUNCTION is passed a symbol which refers to
    a macro or special form, what does it return?
The Silver bible says the definition 'may be an object representing a
special form or macro' but it is illegal to funcall such a beast.

    If FUNCTION is passed a definition, does it simply return it?
You probably should depend on this.  The only way to get such a thing is
by being constructed by a macro, which doesn't look pretty, e.g.,
You should only pass function specs or lambda expressions in.  I will
note that the Symbolics implementation is loose in this regard:
	#'#.#'car => #<DTP-COMPILED-FUNCTION CAR 46350445>
and	(#.#'car '(3 4)) => 3