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Standardization proposal

Today  I  sent  a  proposal  to  X3  for  the  establishment of a
technical committee for the development of an  American  National
Standard  for Common Lisp.  This committee will probably have the
designation X3J13.

Following their normal time-table, the committee will probably be
approved  in  early summer and the first official meeting will be
in Washington, DC in September 1986.   Membership  will  be  open
according  to  X3 rules (basically attendance, participation, and
payment of fees).

The proposals are available as net mail, but I would rather  only
send  them to interested people.  If you are interested in seeing
the proposals or participating on  the  X3J13  committee,  please
respond and give me your non-arpa-net addresses as well.

Bob Mathis 9712 Ceralene Dr Fairfax, VA 22032-1704 (703)425-5923