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I can imagine legitimate reasons for wanting to include a Load operation,
with appropriate switches, into portable code, so we ought to at least
provide guidelines for what the various switches do in terms of
verbosity.  I don't think it gets to far over into environment-land if
we just indicate something like the following:

1. Load with no switches should not print anything on standard-output.

2. The :verbose switch is intended to print some per-file information
and an indication when the loading is done, but not something for every
form that is loaded.

3. The :print switch is intended to cause the read/eval/print loop's
output to be printed, or if the file is compiled, something for each
form that is loaded.

4. These are only guidelines covering the intent of how these switches
are to be used.  Implementations are free to indicate this kind of
information in other ways if that makes sense in their environment.

-- Scott