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Which package...

    There is a point which I think is being missed in this package
discussion.  The default package environment, isn't just a programming
issue; it is also an environment issue.  I believe that there should
be some portable way for a program to get the default programming
environment.  If there isn't, then many otherwise portable programs
will be modified to use the local version of the default

    The Spice Lisp debugger has various commands and functions
associated with it which are packaged symbols.  When I implement a
portable system, I am going to set up the package environment so that
I can use the debugger.  If I can't say this in a portable way, then I
will have to edit the sources before every release or maintain a site
dependent file which does the package setup.  When another site uses
the system, it is likely that they will edit it again so that they can
use their debugger.  This is a totally gratuitous system dependency.