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Re: packages and portability

    We agree that double definitions aren't needed now and would be tedious to
    implement.  I personally feel that they are also too dangerous.  If it was
    determined that adding something like the :cross-reference argument to
    compile-file was an illegal extension, then I would rather create a new
    function (excl:excl-compile-file) than create a double definition for

Hmmm.  I always thought that one of the virtues of having a package system is
that you don't have to resort to sticking prefixes on your function names.
Defining distinct symbols LISP:COMPILE-FILE and EXCL:COMPILE-FILE seems
cleaner to me, if the intent is that EXCL:COMPILE-FILE is a localized version
of LISP:COMPILE-FILE.  I think we should support this sort of thing.