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Correction to reply to: Re: Closure, Null Lexical Env.

    Date: 9 Jun 86 17:35 PDT
    From: Miller.pa@Xerox.COM

Pleas excuse my answer involving misreading of:    

    "(eval '#'(lambda (x y) ...) nil)" does seem to be the best (only?) way
    to express "closure over null lexical environment" in common-lisp.
    There is no reason for the compiler to not compile this.

which I read as (eval #'(lambda...)). Most of the comments I made
are hash w.r.t. this. Sorry,... got to get new eyeglasses i guess.

There is still no lexical environment passed to eval.

My comments about use of null lexical environments are still valid I
think. I'd still like to know what useful work can be accomplished
using a closure in a null lexical environment. Likely I've missed
some of the CL mail about this due to mail/fs problems.