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This is in reply to mike@gold-hill-acorn

My basic understanding of subset issue is as follows;

1) "subset" is a subset of the "fullset".
 a subset CommonLisp should NOT be a Commonlisp-like Lisp dialect.
2) In general, the language spec which have been discussed with many excellent
 implementors/researchers has a tendency to graw, or it will be larger.
 I welcome this tendency but there should not exist the field behind the standardization.
 There should be two levels or so of language spec for Common Lisp.
3) Needs for a common lisp on small computers will be much larger.
 The application on small computers are not only educational one.

 As to Mike's discussion on scoping,
 I want to have a strict conformance to the full or superset specification.
 My experimental Lisp for 86/286 had also a "local lexical and complete global"
 I found it is not good to push my scoping principle

 As to CommonLoops or object oriented facility for subset,
 I also want to add it. But it should be an option.

The members of working group in japan, are making a consensus about a subset.
They internally call their subset as "Common Lisp Core".