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long-char, kanji

    Anyway, the question was not whether you ever want to use the notion of
    "fonts" and "bits" in some generic sense; the question was whether you
    currently use the Char-Font and Char-Bits facility as currently defined
    in the language.
Coral has not yet used char-font and char-bits. 
     If people haven't made a lot of use of these in their
    current form, we are free to think about whether there is some better
    way of providing the comparable functionality, and how much of the
    better way ought to be in the standard part of the language. 
I'd like to see a convention for input events that could easily
accomodate a mouse. My maximal mouse has 15 keys and 6 degrees of 
motion, with 1 mouse for each hand, so three buttons plus X and Y
won't do.