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RE: FORMAT Features

>(2) Cursor positioning.  The POINT on the screen can be set with
>the directive "~n,m."  (That is the "period" directive.)  For
>example (format t "~0,0.") puts the cursor in the home position.
>(format t "~V,V." x y) puts the cursor at position X, Y.  One problem
>with this is that the period character is hard to read on some terminals
>and listings.

>If period is too hard to read the directive "~:%" might be used instead.
>This makes sense because the ~% directive moves the cursor to the next
>line.  ~n,m:% moves the cursor to anyplace on the screen.

The format directives ~! ~. ~I ~W ~_ are used by Dick Water's pretty printing
system. VAX Lisp V2.0 includes this pretty printer and I think that other
Lisps may be using it in the future.  Please leave these directives alone.

-- Rich
Arpa: Robbins@Hudson.Dec.Com