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Some questions

   Date: Friday, 30 May 1986  03:29-EDT
   From: Rob MacLachlan <RAM at >
   To:   miller.pa at XEROX.COM
   cc:   Common-lisp at SU-AI.ARPA
   Re:   Some questions

   this compiler.  Some exceptions are Symbolics, Lucid and KCL.  The
   Lucid compiler was originally based on the S1 compiler, but has
   reportedly been largely rewritten.  The Lucid compiler is probably
   close to state of the art, but they are unlikely to talk about it in

As principal author of the Lucid compiler I want to make a slight
clarification. It is certainly an intellectual descendant of the
S1 compiler, which in turn is based largely on Steele's Rabbit compiler.
However, it was written from scratch for a Common Lisp subset and I have
not even looked at the S1 code from about 6 months before coding started 
in August 83. It was rather different in internal organization from the
start, and that difference has been magnified in converting it to handle
full common lisp and multiple target machines.

There will be a paper on the compiler in the ACM Lisp and Functional
Programming Symposium to be held in Cambridge in early August.