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Re: Argument Lists

One compromise might be to include ARGUMENT-LIST in the language but specify
that the argument lists of compiled functions may not be accessible.  So
people writing programmer's aids for handling interpreted code (as I have
done) can still get the info they want without being forced to rip apart
closure objects or SI:DIGESTED-LAMBDA forms.  There should probably be a
compiler declaration to force argument list info to be preserved (or thrown
away), for applications like Brian Milnes' where you need the info in
compiled code.  The default fate of argument lists in compiled functions can
be left up to the implementation.

We should not compromise on number of args info though; that should be
available for all functions, compiled or not.

By the way, what will the convention be for indicating that a function has
an &rest arg?  I guess one could just return the value of call-arguments-limit.

-- Dave