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Argument Lists

    From: Brian Milnes @cgi.csnet.com

	    We here at CGI have run into several cases where we would
    like to be able to access the argument list format for functions and
    macros in a system independent manner. The symbolics and the TI support
    a function arglist which returns the lambda list for a function; we
    are using this to provide a command like ctr-A, which describes a
    functions argument list, in Knowledge Craft. 

	    I also would like a Common Lisp way of determining the minimum
    and maximum number of arguments taken by a given function;
ARGLIST gives you info about &optional, &rest and keyword args from which you
can get min and max arg count if you want it.

	    Have we missed this functionality in CLtL ? Do others of you
    out there miss this functionality ? Could it be simply and safely
    added to CL ?
I vote for adding arglist, but not minimum-args and maximum-args, though I
have to admit I've had to write that functionality myself.