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Open keyboard, insert foot.

I intended that my reply to Richard Berman's message about validation
suites would go to him alone.  It was sent to Common Lisp by accident.

My question about whether Lucid had "reneged" was meant as a
semi-humorous way of asking Richard why Lucid was not on the "expect
something soon" list, when he and I both knew that Lucid intended to
participate in the validation process.  I would not have expressed it
this way in a message meant for the wider Common Lisp community, where
it could easily have been misunderstood.

Since I have broadcast this poorly worded question by accident, let me
also broadcast the answer: Lucid is working with the ISI people to
develop validation code that will properly reflect the revised spec that
we are working on now, rather than the current one; that is why they
weren't on Berman's list of current or near-future contributors.

My aplogies to Dick Gabriel and Lucid for any discomfort I may have
caused them.  This is what happens when one tries to answer too many
mail messages in the course of an afternoon.

-- Scott