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Validation status

Validation Suite Report    01 July 1986

Currently I have just (in the past 10 days) actually received the first few
signifigant (in size) contributions.  By and large these are only partially
evaluated at this time.  Each validation suite contributed uses its own form
of test control and reporting.  At present I am looking over the various
control mechanisms, as well as cataloging and understanding (or trying to) the
various individual tests.

The following shows the status of each contributor.


CDC - Tape received from them yesterday, containing large test suite.

Coral Software - Brought a Macintosh disk with shallow tests of a number of CL

Gould Computer Systems - Sent a test suite for Arrays.  Also sent a manual for
their "test harness" test controller, but did not send the source code for the
test controller run-time, macro definitions, etc.   I have asked for this
extra data.


Data General - Currently sanitizing a broad/shallow suite.  Should be ready

DEC - Has promized a suite for FORMAT, may do more as this public domain suite

Franz - Has promised "something" after the 4th.

H.P. -- Around June 19 they said they'd send "everything", which would be a
large test suite.  There may have been some hitch in figuring out how to send
it in a form that I can use it.

Symbolics - In May said they'd sanitize and send in a full test suite around
the beginning of June.  I am not sure of the cause for the delay, but I can
imagine that this project is not a high priority.

T.I. - Will do something.  I've suggested a scoping test (hee hee hee).



I'd love to hear from any of the following, 'cuz I either have been unable to
et your corret net address or for some other reason we have not connected:

AT&T Bell Labs -- Elia Weixelbaum

Gold Hill -- Greg Faust

Integrated Inference Machines -- James H. Hind

Intermetrics -- Karen Huff

LMI -- George Carrette

Pyramid Technology -- David Bein

Tektronix -- William Waller

Xerox AIS -- Paul Ricci


In addition there is the ISI proposal on their involvement in supporting the
Common Lisp community.  It goes much beyond just the validation suite.  Please
send a message to me, Berman@Vaxa.ISI.EDU, if you would like to see this.