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JIS WG start in japan

We had the first meeting of JIS Lisp WG on July 22.
This means japan start to try to find a standard of Lisp officially.
It will take a long time to make a final decision.

Members are:
   Chair: M.Ida (Aoyama Gakuin University)
	  H. Murao (Univ. of Tokyo)
	  H. Motoyoshi (ETL, MITI)
	  T. Yuasa (Kyoto university)
	  N. Inada (Riken)
	  S. Kobayashi (Toshiba)
	  I. Takeuchi (NTT)
	  M. Yasumura (Hitachi)
	  M. Kuroda (Mitsubishi)
	  H. Nakamura (Fujitsu)
	  A. Nagasaka (Oki)
	  T. Kurokawa (IBM japan)
	  Y. Hashimoto (NEC)
	  S. Itoh (MITI)

This WG is the official working group to prepare a draft for JIS LISP.

I have been chairing another committee named Jeida Common Lisp committee, 
which is a group
of CommonLisp enthusiastic persons from more than 26 organizations
including the companies which send members to the JIS WG.
(Under the Jeida committee, there are four WGs; subset WG,
Object oriented WG, Kanji WG and bboard WG)
I think Jeida Common Lisp committee roughly corresponds to common-lisp@su-ai.
JIS Lisp WG will roughly correspond to the comming ANSI/ISO committee.

The base for JIS will be also Common Lisp, I believe.
But, we will start from the scratch for the WG.

I want to keep a good relation to the USA committee.

Thank you.