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>From m42!jap  Tue Jul 15 21:22:27 1986 remote from bond
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Date: Tue, 15 Jul 86 21:15:09 bst
From: bond!m42!jap (Julian Padget)
Message-Id: <8607152015.AA07132@m42.UUCP>
To: bond!bath63!common-lisp%su-ai.arpa@uk.ac.ucl.cs
Subject: easier addressing

Thanks to the assistance of the folks in Utah, it might now perhaps be
easier for people in the US to get mail to eulisp (and to tender
requests for addition to the distribution).  There is now an alias


(at least I presume it is edu these days) which will pass mail on to the
bboard at INRIA, in addition there is the alias


(same caveat) which will forward requests to Je'ro^me Chailloux who is
the bboard maintaniner.

If demand is sufficient, it may also be worth inaugurating a North American
EuLISP discussion distribution in the same way, in order to cut down on
transatlantic traffic.